Come againAll city of Winston Park regulations apply to patrons of the concerts. The following regulations are of significance to the concert patrons and may be variations from usual policy. In addition, the following regulations apply to those areas of Riverbend Park used for Riverbend Live! between the hours of 12:00 PM to Midnight on concert evenings.

  • No dogs or other animals, except guide dogs, will be allowed during the concerts.
  • Skates, skateboards, roller blades, and bicycles are not to be ridden during the concerts in the concert site area.
  • Amplified music and excessive noise are prohibited.
  • No fireworks may be set off during concerts.
  • Alcohol may be consumed during concerts but may not exceed 12% by volume.
  • Dancing is allowed but may not prevent the enjoyment of the concerts by other patrons.
  • Smoking is not allowed during performances.
  • No patron may prevent others from enjoying the concert to its fullest.
  • Security officers may remove patrons from the concert when it is deemed that they are unwilling to abide by the regulations and/or when their actions are unlawful or pose potential harm to themselves or others.